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Guitar Lessons
Some years ago I joined a rock covers band playing the electric guitar, keyboard and singing backing vocals. I have always loved rock music and here was a fantastic outlet for high energy playing. This has brought a new dimension to my musical experience, and has taken me on a journey that has been extrememely enjoyable too. Drawing on this experience I now teach guitar skills including classical, acoustic and electric.

Typical guitar lessons may include:

  • Learning the songs you love
  • Improvisation
  • Listening skills
  • Understanding chords, scales and modes
  • Songwriting

Take exams or simply learn for fun?
Some of my guitar students will take RGT (Registry of Guitar Teachers) exams up to about Grade 4 or 5. Of course, you don't have to take exams to improve your playing. Most guitar players are highly motivated and many of my pupils have gone on to become highly skilled guitar players and very talented musicians.

Theory and aural
I am very keen to help guitar players build aural and theory skills alongside developing guitar techniques. In addition to this I encourage the understanding of harmony and form in music in order to develop improvisation and song-writing skills.

If you are already a guitar player and would like to improve your understanding of the theory behind the music, then I am very happy to help to bridge any gaps.

Some guitar players come to me for theory lessons in order to ease them into the A-level curriculum. I can help to relate the theory of music to the practice of guitar playing.

Keysound Music Guitar
Keysound Music Guitar
Keysound Music Guitar

Carolyn Goates ALCM (TD)

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